About BSMF

To invest in BSMF, go to http://marketocracy.com for more information.

BSMF was established as a virtual fund on Marketocracy in 2001. As of the creation of this blog, the fund has averaged gains of more than 7% per year. This blog will discuss past investments and current considerations for future investment decisions.

The author and fund manager, Raymond Meyers, is less of a contrarian than he is the worst kind of nonconformist – the kind who fails to even conform to prevailing standards of nonconformity. He reads the financial press to ferret out as many actual facts as possible without paying much attention to the conclusions of the writers.

We’ll go stock by stock through the whole portfolio. The description of the decision to buy and hold a stock will be explained as well as it can be recalled, keeping in mind that a lot of these stocks were bought up to fourteen years ago. Memory of the impetus for some buys may not be as clear as others. Each of those will have the stock’s ticker as the title for the post.

There will also be some explanations for sales of stock, if BSMF decides to exit a holding. There won’t necessarily be a discussion of every trade, though. Sometimes it’s just minor rejiggering that doesn’t really warrant a discussion.

The reader is cautioned that the author is as surprised as everyone else at how well it has worked out so far.

The content of this blog is not approved or sponsored by Marketocracy or any of Marketocracy’s management. Although it could include commentary from them if they have something they want to add. I’m easy.

Comment on posts at https://www.facebook.com/invest.bsmf/

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