The decision to purchase Tesla and add it to BSMF was based on “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” The analysis was not what you’d call traditional.

I love the concept of electric vehicles. Ever since I was a teenager, it has seemed to me that it would be better to generate power without burning stuff if you could. Electric cars just seem so much more sensible to me than driving around with a container full of highly flammable liquids.

I’m also much enamored of things that are well made. Fit and finish is important to me. So many products manufactured in the last forty or fifty years are flimsy crap, built to be useful for a few weeks after the warranty expires. Most of the stuff I have bought from Apple over the years is still useful and functional – obsolete because computer technology keeps moving forward – but still capable of doing what it once did. Part of my research of TSLA was finding out if their product is worth my interest.

Steve, my son-in-law, and I were in a mall, where a Tesla sedan was being displayed. It was beautiful. Naturally, it was beautiful in the superficial way that a car on display always is. Nobody puts anything on display without ensuring it’s pretty to look at. The Tesla was beautiful in ways that you just can’t fix in the showroom. There were no loose threads sticking out from the upholstery. There were no uneven gaps where the dashboard met the firewall and windshield. The details you don’t even consciously notice unless you’re specifically looking for them were clean and right.

Steve asked the attendant technical questions. The attendant was an attractive young woman. I don’t think it’s at all cynical to expect that an attractive young woman at a car display will be nothing more than window dressing. She was polite, professional, confident, and knowledgeable about the product. These are details that a lot of companies don’t get right.

In further research, I have listened to and read Elon Musk talking about his view of the future. This is a guy who has already made a few billion dollars, so I assume he’ll be saying something useful. He can talk intelligently about Tesla, Solar City (another stock I’ll blather about later), Space-X, and the Hyper Loop, among other things. Elon Musk is our current leading futurist. I have sought out his writing and speaking wherever I can find it.

All of that taken together encapsulates the reason I have invested in TSLA. The products are well made in ways that seem extravagant to traditional car makers. The company takes care of details that other companies ignore. The leader of the company is looking beyond the next quarter’s profits. He’s looking to fundamentally advance transportation and energy.

Since purchasing TSLA for BSMF, it has posted total gains of over 67%. It represents about 7% of the fund.


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